Jan Doyle Band – The Body Balanced (EP – Jan Doyle Band)

By Feb 16,2021

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Genre/Influences: Gothic, EBM, Electro-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Jan Doyle Band is a UK band, which is already active for more than twenty years. Last year they released the digital-EP “The Body Balanced” featuring five different songs. The band sent me a personalized CDR with some extra cuts.

Content: Jan Doyle Band defines themselves as ‘Clash on acid’. That’s a funny description, which in a way totally fits with the band’s approach. This band is switching from one style to another; from a Gothic-like title song with a catchy touch on top to pure old-school driven EBM reminding me of DAF to Electro-Wave songs and finally a totally weird cover of the Disco/Pop hit “Yes, Sir I Can Boogie”.

The extra songs, which aren’t available in the digital release, are mainly instrumental cuts of the different tracks.

+ + + : Jan Doyle Band makes me think of a cover band devoted to 80s music; the kind of formation, which feels good playing different music styles, but with one common element: the 80s New-Wave and related genres. I have to say “Body Balanced” is a great title song featuring ‘classical’ New-Wave/Gothic guitar play and elevating electronics. The instrumental version I heard even gives a better idea about the well-crafted composition. There’s also something to say about the EBM-driven “Confusion”. Baccara’s “Yes, Sir I Can Boogie” is pure fun and I can imagine a great song to play live. I also have to say this band took me by surprise personalizing their promo-CDR in a very original way; respect for this guys!

– – – : The mix between all different styles has something pretty confusion and that’s probably why I got the impression I was listening to a cover band. Sound-wise I think the mix could have been more professional.

Conclusion: Jan Doyle Band is pure fun; dark music without pretension, but to bring people together!

Best songs: “Body Balanced”, “Confusion”, “Play Pretend”.

Rate: (7).



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