V/A Demonology In Dante’s Inferno (Album – Eight Tower Records)

By Oct 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Cinematographic, Ritual.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Eight Tower Records selected a fine number of artists to revisit the legendary “Inferno” written by Dante. It’s a kind of imaginary soundtrack to accompany Dante and Virgil on their trip meeting diabolical and demonic figures. Remember the painting of Caravaggio who during early Baroque perfectly represented Dante’s “Inferno” so you here get the music. Notice by the way the digital format features four extra songs.

Artists: Lars Bröndum, Sonologyst & Rapoon, Dead Space Chamber Music, Kammarheit, Mario Lino Stancati, D. Barbiero & C. Bocci, , Samuel Goff, Cobi Van Tonder.

Content: Being an admirer of Caravaggio I’d some painting of him in mind while listening to this work. I think music and paintings together are totally matching. You get the impression to walk in the footsteps of Dante, meeting the most terrific creatures, which are simply coming into mind because of the music. The sphere recovering the work is mysterious and sometimes ominous. Some ritual elements are here and then reinforcing the visual strength of the work. I also noticed some classical sounds like the play of a cello (D. Barbiero & C. Bocci) while some bewitching voices are resonating in the distance (Samuel Goff). I also noticed one track with guitar play, creating a mysterious and somewhat ritual/experimental approach (Gianluca Beccuzi).

+ + + : I think it will be not surprising to affirm this compilation reflects an obscure atmosphere. There’s a strong visual appeal emerging from tracks composed by Sonologyst & Rapoon, Deep Space Chamber Music and D. Barbiero & C. Bocci. It has something disturbing and that’s precisely what creates fascination for this work.

– – – : A compilation is always featuring great songs and other ones. Luckily I think there’s nothing to throw away here, but a few artists clearly can’t compete with the magic composed by others.

Conclusion: This compilation is a freaky, but great ode to the legendary “Inferno”.

Best bands: Sonologyst & Rapoon, Samuel Goff, Dead Space Chamber Music.

Rate: (7½).



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