Unknown Land – Dark Seasons (Album – Unknown Land)

By Jan 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Trip-pop, experimental, electronic & ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Unknown Land is a duo consisting of Lucia Fenix (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia). They’re now busy for a few years and have already released a previous album and two EP’s. They already touched me by their previous work “Redline”.

Content: It’s not an easy thing to seize the sound of this duo, which is clearly eclectic and inspired by different influences. It rather appears to be a crossover between different styles –moving from experimental to trip-pop to minimal electronics to ambient to psychedelic. The vocals of Lucia Fenix sometimes have an ethereal touch, but definitely injects a mysterious flavor on top of the songs. The songs are driven by slow cadences, mainly carried by electronics, but still featuring guitar play. 

+ + + : First of all there’s the professional artwork of this release (digipak). Sound-wise “Dark Seasons” is a pretty original work supported with the grace of her female singer. She has something ethereal in her voice, but also brings a sensual dimension to a few cuts. I like the progression of the tracklist moving towards a great apotheosis especially at “Fireflies”.

– – – : This album is a challenge as it’s not easy to label, but that’s maybe (only) a point when it comes to sales.

Conclusion: Unknown Land remains a refreshing experience covering different influences.

Best songs: “Fireflies”, “Moonlight”, “Tau”.

Rate: (7½).

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