Uglyhead – Disembodied (EP – Uglyhead)

By Mar 25,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, electro-industrial.

Format: Digital, cassette.

Background/Info: Driven by Jake Alejo, the American project Uglyhead is now already active for two decades. Some records are purely solo-like while others are featuring extra members (guests). On “Disembodied” Jake Alejo invited Galen Waling (Lords Of Acid, Left Spine Down) to play acoustic drums on the title track.  

Content: It’s not an easy thing defining the sound of Uglyhead. It has something retro-like in the electronic sound treatments while driven by bombastic rhythms. Sometimes exploring total chaos and next moving on the path of dark-electronics, this work sounds first of all very eclectic.

+ + + : The work’s diversity makes its originality! I like the opening piece for its retro-element, but also both last songs, which have something more dark-electro driven. The atmospheres hanging over the work are important here and especially the last cut “The Funhole” is worth of examination.

– – – : I’m missing a bit of power in some songs. It sometimes feels like a band still in search of a real sound identity. I expected a bit more from the title song.

Conclusion: I can’t say Uglyhead has totally convinced me although I have to admit the last song opens an interesting path for the future.

Best songs: “The Funhole”, “Too Real For Love”.

Rate: (6).

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