Trou – Grjòthaugr (Album – No Part Of It)

By Dec 18,2020

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Genre/Influences: Noise, Ambient, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CDR.

Background/Info: The album “Grjòthaugr” from the French project Trou was originally self-released on cassette format in 2017. The American label No Part Of It has now re-released the three original songs of the album. Trou has released an impressive number of productions, but this work was a rather unknown production from the Frenchman.

Content: Trou totally fits to the approach of No Part Of It. The tracks are bringing elements of Noise and Dark-Ambient together, resulting in a kind of Abstract work. Endless loops are taking you away for a trance sensation created by sonic effects and loops from field recordings and other noise sources. The tracks are pretty extended, like there’s no end.

+ + + : “Grjòthaugr” is the kind of production that will please a very restricted number of people, but they must be for sure absolute fans. It’s an extreme sensation, but there’s something to say about the ‘controlled’ Noise approach of Trou. You don’t exactly get the feeling being exposed to a sonic wall; there’s also a part of Ambient running through the composition. I personally prefer the shortest cut, which will however take you away for a deadly sonic assault from over the 15 minutes (!).

– – – : The tracks are repetitive and when it all looks like it becomes endless –the last track going over the 34 minutes, I think a little bit more diversity would be a welcome gift.

Conclusion: Trou can be translated as ‘hole’ or ‘void’ and the work of this artist literally such you away in a dark and unknown hole. This sound is brain damaging!

Best songs: “Herbspalast”.

Rate: (6).


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