Blood Rhythms – Zerrissenheit (Album – No Part Of It)

By Dec 18,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Noise, Ambient, Abstract.

Format: Digital, CDR.

Background/Info: Arvo Zylo aka ‘Mister Fuckhead’ is  running No Part Of It where he releases most of his works. The American noise operator now strikes back (again) under the Blood Rhythms moniker. The specificity of this work is that ArvoZylo played on John Cage’s first prepared piano! He also got a helping hand from Dave Phillips, Bruce Lamont and Blake DeGraw (The Colour Out Of Space).

Content: You easily can recognize Blood Rhythms by the use of repetitive loops, which are mixing elements of Noise. Some of the tracks are pretty long and not really into variation or progression, but it creates a dark and tormented work. Some passages have something Cinematographic like while the saxophone played by Bruce Lamont has something alien-like. You clearly can hear the piano  –especially at the fourth track, which has been transposed into a loop as well.

+ + + : What I like the most at the work of this artist is the diversity of the influences although the sound procedure is quite similar the entire album long. Everything has been put into loops, creating an endless sensation. Different kinds of sonic manipulations have been used; from field recordings to the use of saxophone, which isn’t exactly an element I expected, but it’s an original approach of experimenting with Noise. My favorite track is the last one, which creates a horror-like sphere as if announcing a nearby disaster.

– – – : As I already mentioned for some previous releases, this work is meant to please a very restricted number of music lovers; for so far we can consider Blood Rhythms as ‘music’ in the classical sense of the meaning.

Conclusion: Blood Rhythms is not exactly the kind of project that has been set up to make people happy after a stressed day; this is a perverted sonic exposure, which gets my support!

Best songs: “Zerrissenheit 7”, “Zerrissenheit 3”, “Zerrissenheit 5”.

Rate: (7).


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