Tropic Of Coldness – Framed Waves (CD Album – Glacial Movements)

By Oct 16,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, experimental, ambient.

Background/Info: We here welcome the third full length album by the Italian-American formation Tropic Of Coldness. They’re operating from Brussels (Belgium) and are now active since 2011.

Content: “Framed Waves” mixes guitar, electronics and field recordings. The work has something very evasive, which totally matches with the taste of the label, but it first of all appears to be a great fusion between electro-experimental treatments and guitar playing. It sometimes creates a ballad-like effect while other passages are more abstract. I also noticed a darker part, which sounds like an icy wind hanging over the production.

+ + + : I like some of the tracks for their reverie and strong visual appeal. “The Pride Of Our Sails” is a noticeable song illustrating this cold-reverie style. And this darkness has something prosper, which I appreciate as well.

– – – : The album features 5 cuts. There’s just one single piece (cf. “They rested, Then Blossomed”), which can’t fully convince me for being less elaborated and remaining a bit unachieved.

Conclusion: “Framed Waves” is a well-crafted and accessible experimental composition.

Best songs: “The Pride Of Our Sails”, “Two And A Half Stones”.

Rate: (7).


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