Transmission – Cosmos (Album – Wave Records)

By Jul 29,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Minimal-Electro, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Cosmos” is the debut album of the French solo-project Transmission, which is driven by Sandrine Deville. The band name is clearly inspired by Joy Division. “Cosmos” features nine songs, which were released by the end of 2020.

Content: Sound-wise Transmission has nothing in common with Joy Division. It’s not easy defining the work of this female artist, but she’s mixing Minimal-Electro compositions and Electro/Wave-Pop together with violin melodies. The cadence is rather slow although danceable, sometimes broken and also experimenting with Trip-Pop and D’n’B influences. The vocals are half spoken half sung reflecting some icy sensuality. Most songs are sung in French, but you’ll also notice English-, Spanish- and even German sung tracks. Mixing refined and bombastic passages, Transmission creates a very unique sound universe.

+ + + : Transmission creates a very own sound, which took me by surprise. It’s a creative process resulting in original and alluring songs. The violin tunes inject something totally unexpected, but still magic, accentuating the darkness and melancholia of the work. This is an artist with an own sound DNA and the debut album is a fully accomplished piece of music. There’s no single song to throw away, every song has something to offer. I have a preference for the extra dark and Industrial-minded tracks like “De Stijl”, but also “Désuétude”, “Cosmos” or the haunting “Cloud 9” with an extra EBM touch on top. The somewhat whispering way of singing creates a sensual-, but still ghost-like sphere.

– – – : The sound formula is somewhat similar the entire album long, but when you’re discovering such a creative process you can only, but recognize the talent of this artist.

Conclusion: If most releases –whatever their style, are often sounding pretty similar, Transmission is the perfect antithesis; a true artistic and original composition, but also revealing accomplished and great songs. Respect!

Best songs: “De Stijl”, “Désuétude”, “Cosmos”, “Cloud 9”, “Echouées”, “Illusion”.

Rate: (9).

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