This Cold Night – An Enigmatic Individual (Album – Young And Cold Records)

By Oct 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-wave, cold-wave, post-punk.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Dead Wax Records released the album “An Enigmatic Individual” in 2016. The album was originally released as vinyl format and now re-released by Young & Cold Records as a new vinyl edition plus CD featuring extra songs. This Cold Night is an American project hailing from Texas and driven by Chase Morledge. Several productions including albums have been self-released. 

Content: The influences and sound of this project totally matches with the approach of Young And Cold Records. This is pure post-punk music getting us back to the dark hours of 80s cold- and dark-wave music. Some parts –especially for the deep bass play, remind me of the obscure sphere recovering the songs of Joy Division. The bonus song “Each Other” perfectly emulates this dark 80s spirit and the joy division inspiration. The vocals have something sterile although a few cuts reveal a bit more emotion.

+ + + : This is another artist founding his main inspiration in the darkest corners of 80s cold/dark-wave music. The production has something unpolished and yet featuring a melodic touch on top. The original album features 10 songs, but I definitely prefer some of the bonus cuts. I already mentioned the Joy Division inspired “Each Other”, but “Lovers Don’t Wear Gold” is another attention grabber. From the original tracklist I have to mention the more emotional “Black Cathedral” and some of the debut songs like “Enigmatic Individual” and the more electro driven “Pain”.

– – – : The sound formula is somewhat repetitive revealing less diversity in the song writing, but I have to admit the bonus songs push this album to a higher level.

Conclusion: “An Enigmatic Individual” is a rather traditional 80s dark/cold-wave driven work, which will appeal for the true die-hard fans of the genre.

Best songs: “Each Other”, “Lovers Don’t Wear Gold”, “Black Cathedral”, “Enigmatic Individual”, “Pain”, “Gay Goth Machine”.

Rate: (8).


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