The Independent Seasons – Songs From The Core Kit II (Digital Album – The Independent Seasons)

By Dec 18,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electronic, cinematographic, ambient.

Background/Info: You probably know Manfred Thomaser as the compositor behind !Distain, but he’s also busy with some side-projects. Next to Arsine Tibé, he from time to time also releases instrumental music under the moniker of The Independent Seasons. Three years after the debut album he unleashes this new work featuring four tracks.

Content: This music has nothing in common with the electro-pop of !Distain. It remains an electronic composition, but Manfred Thomaser explores ambient & cinematic fields built up with electronics. The opening track reminds me of Kraftwerk atmospheres and has this typical 80s flavor emerging at the surface. Quite progressively the tracks are taking you away on an imaginary trip. The sound is melodic, atmospheric and definitely dreamy. The last cut –just as the first one, is more elaborate and you here also will notice some guitar sounds.

+ + + : This cinematic experience has something relaxing. It’s the right music to enjoy after a stressful day. The songs don’t have a clear visual appeal, but you feel transposed into a parallel dimension filled with prosperity. I especially like the “The Kindergarten Detectives” for its analogue approach and some links with Krakftwerk.

– – – : This music is a kind of challenge; it’s easy going, but not exactly appealing to a wider audience.

Conclusion: This project makes me think to an intimate composition exorcising some hidden ideas from the musician who’s interested in different music genres and not only in electro-pop.

Best songs: “The Kindergarten Detectives”, “Seyhan II”.

Rate: (6½).

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