VelgeNaturlig – Anāhata (CD Album – Reverse Alignment)

By Dec 19,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Ivo Santos has already been active for numerous years and has released his dark-ambient stuff on different labels (including Winter-Light). “Anāhata” is the artist’s debut work on Reverse Alignment featuring a single, but long piece of music.

Content: The format –one single track of nearly 60 minutes, makes me think of a soundscape. Ivo Santos is not far from that, but his work however is more into the ‘classical’ dark-ambient vein. We get the impression of walking through a nihilistic universe filled with humming noises and different kinds of noises. Quite progressively we’re entering a ritualistic passage featuring bells, cracking noises and overwhelming atmospheres. The second part of the work is clearly leading the listener into an apocalyptic sensation.

+ + + : No need to say I like the darkness hanging over the work. The composition has a visual appeal leading the listener into the darkest corners of his inner world. The track starts to get really interesting after 30 minutes. From there on the tension moves to a crescendo getting close to a total apotheosis. I like the way the tracks has been progressively built up.

– – – : One single track of nearly one hour is always a challenge to hold on the attention. The opening part is okay, but not exactly highly recommend so you have to be a little bit patient to discover the real splendor of the work.

Conclusion: VelgeNatulig takes us away to an inhibited trip awakening some of our deepest images of horror.

Best songs: “Anāhata”.

Rate: (7).




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