The Gnome – Pleasant Sounds For Unpleasant Times (Album – Ant-zen)

By Jun 22,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electro-ambient, cinematic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Tony D’Oporto is an artist who has worked together with several great names while being involved with different projects. “Pleasant Sounds For Unpleasant Times” is a title, which needs no further explanation. It’s the fifth full length album released by Tony D’Oporto as The Gnome.

Content: Especially the USA – D’Oporto’s country, is moving throughout real unpleasant times. Music is not the solution to solve all problems, but it can bring some relief and even some joy. This album is the perfect antidote to disconnect from the daily stress. The work invites you to embark for a relaxing trip made of astral sounds, the birds in the trees and imaginary abyssal depths. Quite progressively The Gnome brings you a cure of relaxation; the sensation to elevate yourself and wafting away with the wind.

+ + + : This work is the perfect remedy to take a break. We’re all going through hard times… pandemic, racism, social isolation, unemployment, corrupt leaders etc. Some artists will make you dance and feel happy and others like The Gnome will give you healing therapy by the simple effect of listening to their work. This album appeals to the right circumstances to be discovered. Take a comfortable seat, close your eyes and just dream away by focalizing on the music. This music has something visual, creating a kind of safety place where you’ll be accompanied by the beauty of the relaxing sounds and the sound of the birds.

– – – : I can’t say that there are absolute highlights, but just a constant and fully enjoyable work.

Conclusion: If more people would listen to this kind of music, the world would definitely prosper and be more beautiful!

Best songs: “That Carries Me Away”, “Drifting Away”.

Rate: (7½).


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