Th/s /s Sh/t – /// (Album – Upton Park)

By Mar 17,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Electro-Rock, Experimental-Techno.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: The Parisian project Th/s /s Sh/t strikes back with their first official full length album. After a few previously released EP’s and one single, they decided to put most of these songs together on this album while adding a few extras.

Content: The trio mixes different styles together so trying to label their sound ‘/s sh/t’. The songs are mixing Electronic arrangements, which sometimes sound like an Experimental-Techno format together with Rock-Pop influences. “///” is a world of crossing sonic borders; a universe wherein robots (Electronics) and human (guitar) are trying to find the right balance. The result is pretty eclectic, moving from Cinematographic atmospheres to an old House/Dance tune driven by Breakbeats to Hardcore guitar parts merged with electronic arrangements. The vocals are fragmented and have been pitched, becoming a kind of hybrid between a robotic- and human voice.

+ + + : Th/s /s Sh/t remains unpredictable. It’s impossible to label the sound, but it clearly is a sonic bridge between different styles. It’s not totally Techno-like and yet it comes close to a weird Techno-Experimental sound empowered by furious guitar playing. “Hemp”, which seems to be a new track is the ultimate illustration of the band’s approach; mixing a somewhat distorted ‘old’ House tune together with the fury of Breakbeats. The already familiar “Pareldehyde” is another exposure of a weird mix between Rock- and Techno music.

– – – : The album only features ten songs for 36 minutes of music. That’s not that much music for a full length! The main strength of the band also is their main weakest one: hard to seize and impossible to define!

Conclusion: I expected a bit more from this album as it mainly features songs I already knew from previous EP’s and single.

Best songs: “Pareldehyde”, “Hemp”, “///”, “Transition 1.1”.

Rate: (6).

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