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By Jun 5,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark electro-pop, future-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Set up in 2008 by DAV1D (vocals) and LAU (machines), the Greek duo Technolorgy released their third full length album by the end of 2019. A limited edition has been released as well and features a bonus CD.

Content: I think it’s not totally right labeling this album as pure ‘electro-pop’. Technolorgy has always striven to deal with a harder and more powerful electro approach, which is supported with melodic, ‘poppy’-like treatments and leads. It’s not that different for “Inevitably Versatile”, which however takes off with a menacing and metal-driven guitar playing mixed with electronic sequences. The song appears to be a single experiment, which might be seen as an intro to the album. And this opus clearly mixes elements of future-pop and hard electro-pop. The vocals have something passionate, which creates a right match with the ‘harder’ sound. The last song (cf. “100% Jesus”) moves back to guitar, but this time it sounds like it is empowering the electronic structure.

+ + + : Technolorgy clearly deals with their very own vision of electro-pop; it’s a naughty and I dare to say ‘perverted’ format, which is mixing power and melody. Some of the melody lines have something pretty vintage/analogue sounding, which mainly comes through at “Demons To Drown”. But one of the best surprises probably is the last –and already mentioned, track “100% Jesus”. I like the guitar passage boosting the electronic structure. This album is varied, a bit versatile, but featuring multiple cool songs. 

– – – : I remain a bit wondering about the opening track (cf. “Carnivore”), which has something metal-driven mixed with electronics. The songs don’t sound as fully representative for the rest of the tracklist and I hope it’s not the future sonic path Technolorgy will explore.

Conclusion: Technolorgy confirms their somewhat quirky electro-pop approach unleashing a fully entertaining work!

Best songs: “100% Jesus”, “Eu-Rope”, “Demons To Drown”, “Silvertongue”.

Rate: (7½).


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