Tech-Support – Radar (CD Album – Tech-Support)

By Feb 6,2016

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-techno, breakbeats, cyber-techno.

Tech-SupportBackground/Info: Tech-Support is a side-project from a member of the Mexican El Estado. “Radar” is the debut work featuring 10 songs.

Content: Set up by Dario Rodriguez this album clearly sounds different from the industrial-rock inspired approach of El Estado. Tech-Support explores different aspects of techno music while incorporating soft break-beats and industrial influences. The dark-electronic treatments inject a minimal touch to the global production. “Radar” is not exactly what I would call a traditional techno production, but a kind of free-techno exposure.

The tracks feature multiple flat tones creating a cool match with the darker elements of the composition. Most of the cuts are driven by linear and repetitive loops. Some songs feature male vocals, which are not always that convincing. I also noticed a rather weird, but interesting feature of a kind of traditional folk vocals by a female singer on “Uno Dos Y Tres”, but it’s a pity that the male vocals are somewhat ruining the song.

↑↑↑: The idea of mixing technoid elements together with darker and somewhat industrial influences is the main strength of this work.

↓↓↓ : It all sounds like the production has been composed by a lack of equipment. It sounds amateurish and there are different elements of the work that has to be reconsidered and improved.

Conclusion: I’m into the idea of mixing different influences together with a technoid basis, but the result leaves me skeptical about the potential of this project.

Best songs: “There Is No Tomorrow”, “Solar Storm”.

Rate: (DP:5½DP.

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