The Sweetest Condition – Edge Of The World (CD Album – The Sweetest Condition)

By Feb 7,2016

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Genre/Influences: Pop, rock-pop, indie-pop.

The Sweetest ConditionBackground/Info: Based in Nashville (USA) The Sweetest Condition is a male-female duo that was set up in 2012 and already released an EP “Truth & Light” in 2013. They now unleash their self-released debut full-length entitled “Edge Of The World”.

Content: The sound is definitely inspired by pop music, resulting from a good balance between electronics and guitar. Some of the songs move into pure indie-pop music and reminds me now and then of Goldfrapp. “Watch You Fall” is a great song in the genre.
The work is based on cool electronic arrangements and some elevating choruses. I here mainly refer to “Secret”.

You also will notice a vague melancholic flavor hanging over a few cuts. A last strength of the band –which also is an essential one, consists of the charismatic vocals of Leslie Irene Benson.

↑↑↑: I especially like the ‘hardest’ and more into indie-pop minded cuts of the album. Most of the songs are well-crafted. The female vocals are charismatic.

↓↓↓ : A few songs can’t really captivate me for having lost the right harmony between guitar and electronics.

Conclusion: “Edge Of The World” is an interesting album featuring a few noticeable songs. I hope to hear more stuff from this band.

Best songs: “Watch You Fall”, “Now”, “Secret”, “Control”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.

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