Synaptic Memories – Archetypes Of Decay (CD Album – Phage Tapes)

By Sep 25,2018

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial, rhythmic-ambient.

Background/Info: Italian DJ’s and producers Arcari Lorenzo – Del Boni Andrea set up Synaptic Memories back in 2012. They released multiple EP’s on different labels are now joined hands together with the American label Phage Tapes to unleash this full length.

Content: The opening part is quite experimental. It’s not that easy to seize the sound and direction of the tracks. Quite progressively you’ll notice dark electronic atmospheres merged with rhythms. The second part of the album is more elaborated, featuring a few spoken- and scream samplings.

Notice by the way that Moaan Exis, Stazma The Junglechrist and Mono-Amine have been featured on this work. Both first bands each collaborated on one track while Mono-Amine realized a remix.

+ + + : This work sounds as challenge, a kind of ghost music driven by rhythms. Well, I like challenges and even if all of the cuts can’t convince me, there’s an interesting evolution running through the final part of the work. Tracks such as “1951” and especially “Archetypes Of Decay” remixed by Mono-Amine are great pieces of music revealing a kind of sonic hypnosis.

– – – : The opening tracks are poorly inspired and without real highlights. The tracks together with Stazma The Junglechrist is not exactly my favorite for being too different from the rest of the tracklist. It rather sounds as a kind of break-core exposure.

Conclusion: If you want to experience ghost music on speed, you better can check this album by Synaptic Memories.

Best songs: “Archetypes Of Decay – Mono-Amine Hell Is All We Got Remix”, “Archetypes Of Decay”, “1951”.

Rate: (6½).


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