Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Our Promise (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Aug 28,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno-pop, hard-techno, dance-pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Lawrie Masson (Studio-X) and Simon Carter earlier this year released their newest album “Disconnected”. “Our Promise” is a song taken from that album. It has been reworked into a few alternative edits while you’ll also get other ‘remixes’ and new songs. 

Content: “Our Promise” was not my favorite song from the album, but it definitely belongs to the heaviest dance-pieces. This EP is clearly dance-orientated and the female vocals of Bridgette Collins only accentuate the ‘dance’ approach. You’ll also discover reworked versions of other albums songs like “Disconnected”, “Choices”, “I’m Alive”, “The Only One” and a new version “Stronger” (originally released on the album “Ad Astra Volantis” / 2015).

Two from the three new songs are featuring vocals by Bridgette Collins while the other track left is a hard-techno inspired piece.

+ + + : I’ve always liked the albums from this Australian project (reinforced by British DJ Simon Carter), but the EP’s are often food for the techno/dance clubs. So if you’re into hard techno/dance music with a touch of pop on top, you’re going to like this release. But Studio-X isn’t dealing with ‘cheap’ techno stuff; the songs are well-crafted and carried by great sound treatments, filtered sequences and hard-beating kicks. The new song “You Will See ” is for sure an attention grabber –and I especially like this track because there are no real vocals on it, but samplings instead. The original version of “Our Promise” with male vocals remains another cool song, but I also recommend the “2020 Version” featuring Bridgette Collins. She also reveals a sensual way of singing on “Solar Flare”, which is one of the other new songs.

– – – : This EP is sometimes a bit too ‘dance’-driven to my taste.

Conclusion: If you want to discover the real techno power made with intelligence from Studio-X I can only, but advise you to purchase the albums. And if you’re more into a clubby mood, this EP will bring you to dance.

Best songs: “Our Promise – Original Version”, “Our Promise – 2020 Version feat. Bridgette”, “Solar Flare”, “You Will See”.

Rate: (7).

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