Strobo.Lolita – Hysteria (Album – Hands)

By Oct 16,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-Techno, Rhythmic-Noise.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Hands welcome a new artist to its impressive roster. Strobo.Lolita is a German female project unleashing its first official album, which is featuring fourteen songs.

Content: There are not that many female artists involved with industrial music, but “Hysteria” has enough power to compete with the male artists. The music is switching from pure good-old Rhythmic-Noise to Industrial-Techno. There’s no time for a break; Strobo.Lolita is a bulldozer you can’t stop although the lady now and then tries to refine her work with some minimal sound arrangements.

+ + + : “Hysteria” is the work of a sonic ogre! This album will ravish the die-hard freaks of Power-Noise and Rhythmic-Noise, but is still inspired by current Industrial-Techno music. So the album is rather diversified, regularly moving from one style till the other although everything sounds compact and related. I’ve a preference for the hard Industrial-Techno fmrta, which is reaching a top at “Der Teufel” and “Unordentliche Extreme”, which even has something transcendental. “Fetischisten” is another attention grabber revealing a solid bass line and samplings, which are just dealing with the title of the track. A very last and essential cut I want to mention is “Hin Und Weg”, which also is the last track of the work and is a true apotheosis.

– – – : Does Strobo.Lolita hesitate between the good-old Rhythmic-Industrial and Industrial-Techno? She feels comfortable with both styles although the work has something schizophrenic for moving from one to the other.

Conclusion: “Hysteria” could have been only released by Hands; this album will provoke a truly sonic earthquake and is a successful debut!

Best songs: “Unordentliche Extreme”, “Hin Und Weg”, “Pseudo-Halluzinogene Psyche”, “Der Teufel”.

Rate: (7½).


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