State Of The Union – Bad Flower (EP – Infacted Recordings)

By May 31,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: State Of The Union is already active for twenty years now. Driven by Johann Sebastian, the project has already released five albums and multiple successful electro-pop songs. “Bad Flower” is the band’s newest work featuring a title song, an extra B-side cut plus a load of remixes by other artists.

Content: “Bad Flower” is a rather ‘classic’ electro-pop song driven by hopping sequences and recovered with a cool lead. The song progressively evolves towards an approximate climax. Remixes have been accomplished by C-Lekktor, Ruined Conflict, Nordika, 64 Rockets, Digital Energy, DMT Berzerk and Aircrash Bureau. The bonus song –or B-side track, “Behind That Dress” is a sweet and evasive experience. The song has been remixed  by Ruined Conflict as well. 

+ + + : “Bad Flower” is a cool new song for State Of The Union. It also inspired some artists to accomplish great remixes. I first of all have to mention the great job done by C-Lekktor, boosting the original version into a darker dimension. Ruined Conflict is another band to mention, injecting an extra future-pop dose to the song. Mexican producer, DJ and label owner Dimitri Berzerk already did great remixes and this one of “Bad Flower” is another successful and danceable piece.

– – – : “Behind That Dress” is nothing more than a B-side song, but doesn’t really add a real extra to the EP. I also expected a bit more from the remix by an established formation like Aircrash Bureau.

Conclusion: “Bad Flower” will probably not become the biggest hit of State Of The Union, but it’s a cool song and teaser to the next album. 

Best songs: “Bad Flower – Ruined Conflict Remix”, “Bad Flower – C-Lekktor Remix”, “Bad Flower – DMT Berzerk Remix”, “Bad Flower”.

Rate: (7).


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