Stars Crusaders – Gemini (Digital EP – WTII Records)

By May 7,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Italian electro-pop formation Stars Crusaders last year released the successful album “Welcome To Hydra”. “Gemini” is the second EP taken from this album.

Content: “Gemini” remains a great song in the familiar style of this band. It’s danceable electro-pop music carried by a solid kick, great vocals and a perfect chorus.

The title song has been remixed by Decoded Feedback, Vanguard and the to me unknown Desorden Perfecto. Last, but not least we also get another remix, but this time from the song “The Runner”, which originally appeared on the band’s debut album “New Horizons” and which has been remixed by another less familiar name (cf. Hydrian).

+ + + : “Gemini” was not my absolute favorite song from the album although a right choice as EP-title track. It’s a well-crafted and efficient, powerful electro-pop cut. The charismatic vocals perfectly fit this cool cut. There also is an interesting selection of remixes and I especially like the idea this song has been remixed by Decoded Feedback. It’s not my favorite remix, but I especially like because it’s a band dealing with a harder- and darker music style. I personally prefer the remix of Vanguard. It’s also interesting to see rather unknown bands remixing Stars Crusaders.

– – – : “Gemini” is the kind of EP that will mainly appeal to the die-hard fans of the band and also for some DJ’s. But if you want to discover Stars Crusaders you better listen to both albums instead of an EP.

Conclusion: “Gemini” is the kind of EP reminding us the great “Welcome To Hydra”-album although featuring an interesting selection of remixes.

Best songs: “Gemini”, “Gemini – Vanguard ColdEdit Mix”.

Rate: (7½).

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