Snowbeasts + Solypsis – Parasomnia (Album – Ohm Resistance)

By Sep 11,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Electro, Industrial-Trance.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Parasomnia” comes as an extension to the last year released album “Fever Dream”, which was a collaboration between American projects Snowbeasts and Solypsis. Seven songs from this album have been exposed to the remix skills of sixteen artists.

Content: The work is a diversified and somewhat versatile rework of album songs. There are many influences, moving from pure Industrial to Minimal-Electro to Trance passages to D’n’B to Industrial-Techno to IDM. Remixes have been accomplished by Luke Lund, Compactor, Skintape, Somatic Responses, Alpturer, Spheric, Skymall, STCLVR, Robert Imhuman, Rekt, The Gothsicles, Cathode Ray Tube, Anatoly Grinberg, Sawtooth, Amantra and Solypsis.

+ + + : The good thing with such an album is that we all will find one or more favorite remixes. It’s hard to give a favorite, but I like the IDM approach of Cathode Ray Tube. I also enjoyed the opening remix by Luke Lund, transforming “The Ultimatum” into an Industrial-Trance driven dance piece. There’s also something to say about the remix of “Reprieve” by Skintape, which is a cool Electro-Industrial cut. The Industrial-Techno bouncing remix of “Modular Cytology” by Alpturer is another noticeable track. Last, but not least I’ll also mention “Artificial Everything” remixed in a more Electro-driven way by The Gothsicles.

– – – : I’ve never been a huge fan of productions filled with an endless list of remixes. I also prefer the original songs although I’ve to admit there are a few cool songs featured.

Conclusion: Remixes often are a good way to bring original songs to life. Here we get an open-minded Industrial driven production.

Best songs: “Dead Skies – Cathode Ray Tube Remix”, “Reprieve – Skintape Remix”, “Modular Cytology – Alpturer Remix”.

Rate: 7.

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