The Snatcher – Kalt (EP – Danse Macabre)

By Sep 11,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark Electro-Pop, Electro-Wave.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: German project The Snatcher has already released multiple singles and two albums. This new EP features six songs plus one remix.

Content: It’s not that easy defining the sound of The Snatcher, but the title song makes me think of an imaginary offspring between Welle:Erdball and Dorsetshire. With the exception of one song, all tracks have been sung in German. A few tracks feature female backing vocals. “Kalt” is mixing power and melody, rage and a sense of humor. There’s also an atypical song featured, which is a kind of unplugged ballad roughly sung in English.The last song is a remix of “Kalt” by Merry Chicklit.

+ + + : I definitely like the melodic and danceable side of the band. “Kalt” is a pretty cool title track carried with some kind of ping-pong sequences. The remix of Merry Chicklit features female backings and is another cool exposure. “Meckerziege” is another noticeable track and here again featuring female backing vocals. The Snatcher doesn’t really innovate and sounds typical German-like, but this new EP is efficient.

– – – : The EP often gives bands the opportunity to release weird and unusual tracks. The ballad-like “Lost Again” is such a song and definitely one you can better avoid.

Conclusion: “Kalt” is a cool song for the dancefloors and for sure an EP that will increase this band’s popularity.

Best songs: “Kalt”, “Kalt – Merry Chicklit Remix”, “Meckerziege”, “Damokles”, “Quarantaine-Källe”.

Rate: 7½.

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