Side-Line reviewer Stéphane Froidcoeur steps down as co-chief editor of Side-Line

By Feb 8,2016

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Side-Line reviewer Stéphane Froidcoeur steps down as co-chief editor of Side-Line

Today we have some less pleasant news to announce you from inside the Side-Line camp. After 25 years (times goes quick!) of involvement Stéphane Froidcoeur has decided it’s time for him to step down as Side-Line co-chief editor. He will however continue to work as freelance reviewer for the magazine.

Stephane: “I’ve always worked in the background taking care of the ‘reviews section’ and interviews. I became the main reviewer over the past 15-20 years –and nearly the only reviewer for the past few years, which brought me to write thousands and thousands of reviews. I will also take the opportunity to tell you that I wrote under different nicknames (Deranged Psyche remaining the most familiar one). I’ve always been driven to my passion for the scene and the will to help and support this scene the best I can.

I decided to step down as co-chief editor of Side-Line because I no longer share the same vision and values the magazine is actually dealing with. When people no longer are on the same wavelength and there’s no possibility to find a compromise, someone has to leave. I prefer keeping the good things in mind and we really did some great things together.

I also have to express my gratitude and thanks to all the labels, bands and promotors working with me over all the years. I felt a real huge consideration dedicated to my work and proud of my involvement.

Last, but not least this is also the opportunity to acknowledge Séba Dolimont (former chief-editor) who was the one who asked me 25 years ago to join in. We were sharing a common passion, which also was the source for a sincere friendship. The last person I will have to thank is Rich Bova who for more than 10 years now is my most faithful reader and corrector. The reviews would have never been the same without Rich.”

Stéphane will continue to write for Side-Line but as freelancer and via his soon to be relaunched Facebook-page, which will be renamed from ‘Side-Line Reviews’ to ‘Inferno Sound Diaries’. Stéphane: “I’ll go on writing reviews, making short interviews and posting links where people can discover new bands and music.”

As far as promo stuff is concerned that Side-Line is receiving, this will be continued to be reviewed and posted on Side-Line and on the soon to be launched Facebook-page ‘Inferno Sound Diaries’. The format will be a little bit different and more adapted to online-readers.

At Side-Line we want to thank Stéphane, who has not only been a ‘work’ colleague but also a good friend, and we are sure that our new work relation will remain a good way to see his brain – which is a true encyclopedia of the industrial music world – expressed the best.

In related news, in the next weeks, Side-Line will communicate its vision for 2016 and beyond to the labels, to improve their reach and visibility to our readers and we will also announce the names of a few extra forces who will be joining Side-Line to execute this longterm vision.



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