Siamgda – Here And Now (Album – Hands)

By Jan 16,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-Trance, Tribal, Industrial-Techno, IDM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: German Marc Fisher aka Siamgda is back on track unleashing his newest album, which comes three years after the astonishing “Noise Yoga”. It also is the first album released on Hands after multiple productions released by Ant-Zen and Mind Plug Records. “Here And Now” is Siamgda’s tenth full length album.

Content: “Here And Now” is a symbolic title for an album moving on where “Noise Yoga” stopped. It remains a fusion between different genres and music cultures. The meeting between Industrial, Trance, Ritual and even Techno, but also the mix between Eastern- and Western influences. The work is driven by hard banging, repetitive beats merged with Industrial sound treatments. The repetitive loops, mystic chants and beats create this transcendental effect. The album is however diversified –more than on the previous work, touching ground Techno elements. 

+ + + : Siamgda is a project I’ve always liked and supported for its particular sound. There are not that many artists sharing similar influences and that’s probably because this kind of productions need a real tough preparation; sound research, getting the right Tribal samples and of course creating this heavy, bombastic drum patterns. So the work is definitely complex and yet accessible because of the repetitive loops. But in the end there are always extra layers joining in, boosting the song till reaching a state of trance! The Eastern influences also create this effect, but they still have something mysterious and essential in the work of Siamgda. The work features multiple outstanding passages like “Dead Man, A Piece Of Thought”, “Do Not Tell Me What To Do”, “Resistance”, “Tribal Blood” and “They Got The Sun”. Last, but not least, I also like the front cover of the work, which is fitting with its mysterious content.

– – – : No real minus points about this brilliant work!

Conclusion: Siamgda has accomplished a new masterpiece. It remains inspired by similar influences and yet it sounds like a work in progress. If you believe that shamans no longer exist, Siamgda will lead you into a trance!

Best songs: “Dead Man, A Piece Of Thought”, “Do Not Tell Me What To Do”, “Resistance”, “Tribal Blood”,  “They Got The Sun”.

Rate: (9).

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