Mono No Aware – Shinshoo (Album – Hands)

By Jan 15,2021

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Genre/Influences: Rhythmic-Noise, Industrial, Industrial-Trance, Industrial-Techno.

Format: Digital, Cassette.

Background/Info: The ninth full length album by Mono No Aware is a fact! One year after the acclaimed “Mujoo”, German sound terrorist Leif Künzel strikes back with eight new cuts. The album has been digitally released, but is also available as a very limited cassette format of 100 copies.

Content: The work clearly sounds in the vein of “Mujoo”. Mono No Aware is not repeating itself, but moves on exploring the possibilities of Rhythmic-Noise. The work resulted in a few hard and ‘classical’ tracks in the genre, but again moves a step further by mixing elements of Trance-, Industrial- and Techno music. Mono No Aware has sophisticated some parts of the production during the past few years. It creates a more diversified and accessible work.

+ + + : Mono No Aware has released true masterpieces in the Rhythmic-Noise genre and gained a great live reputation. But I especially like the way Leif Künzel progressively explored and added new ideas to the basis of his work. “Kyouran”, “Freak Out” and “Why Do You Look At Me?” are representative and accomplished cuts revealing the ‘progressive’ sound of the artist. But the fans will be also pleased discovering good-old tracks symbolizing the furious Rhythmic-Noise approach; rough and unpolished, merciless and stubborn! If the previous album was a great one, I can tell you this new work is maybe even better!

– – – : The cassette format is cool for its old-school format, but it’s a pity this sonic jewel is not available as a CD or vinyl. I also regret the work only features 8 tracks, which stands for 38 minutes of music!

Conclusion: “Shinshoo” is the ultimate point of music, the threshold of sonic terror! This is for sure my favorite format of sonic terrorism.

Best songs: “Freak Out”, “Why Do You Look At Me?”, “Kyouran”, “Morph”, “Tonal Noise”.

Rate: (8½).


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