Shock Frontier – Tumult (CD Album – Malignant Records)

By Apr 9,2018

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Genre/Influences: Death-industrial, dark-ambient.

Background/Info: “Tumult” is the second opus by the Shock Frontier duo. Driven by Robert C. Kozletsky (mainly known for this Apocryphos project) and Kyle A. Carney, Shock Frontier is mainly driven by death-industrial music. This new work is available in a dark and artistic 6-panel DVD digipak.

Content: “Tumult” brings different elements together like heavy drones, overwhelming sound treatments, field recordings, passionate vocals and haunting sound atmospheres. While most of the tracks are carried by heavy death-industrial influences, other cuts move from dark-ambient into dark noisescapes and experimental passages. Shock Frontier definitely feels like a sonic platform on, which Robert C. Kozletsky can exorcise the musical thoughts he can’t deal with for Apocryphos.

A last, but essential aspect of the production is the contribution of several guest artists. Gnawed, Noculture and Kristoffer Oustad have been featured on this work.

+ + + : I’m not used to starting with the artwork, but when you can put your finger on such an artistic DVD-format digipak featuring all the dark artwork and infos it definitely has much more value than discovering this work on streaming platforms. And this work is worthy of examination as it’s a diversified, meticulously-crafted piece of music. The overwhelming production takes you by your throat while the dark atmospheres and resonating drones create a great vision of horror. Speaking for myself I was more impressed by the haunting sound passages excelling on the final (title-) track, which features Kristoffer Oustad.

– – – : I don’t really discover anything new on “Tumult” while I prefer the work of Robert C. Kozletsky as Apocryphos. This project sounds extremer and less accessible for a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Tumult” is a cool synthesis of different influences and dark music genres although carried by death-industrial music.

Best songs: “Tumult”, “Once Assured Of Salvation”, “Our Vail Illusion”, “Duress”.

Rate: (7½)


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