She’s Got Claws – Doppelgänger (Album – She’s Got Claws)

By Nov 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Wave.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Originally set up in 2011 by the UK duo Micci Lou – Chris O-Ten, She’s Got Claws hit back with a new opus. The band name is clearly taken and inspired from the early Gary Numan song. It’s also interesting to know Micci Lou got involved in the great Adrenalin Junkies (bringing us back to 1999 and the album “Electro Tribe”). She’s Got Claws deeply impressed OMD member Andy McCluskey who produced two songs from the new album.

Content: The main characteristic of this duo is the hard, vibrating bass lines. It creates a deep kind of effect, which you’ll constantly feel beating in your throat. The songs are driven by Electronics, but it’s not that easy to define the music genre this band is dealing with. It sounds dark, Electronic and features female vocals sometimes reminding me of Jennifer Parkin (Ayria). The work features 10 songs plus an extra bonus cut, which a remix is made by Andy McCluskey’s nephew Cameron McCluskey.

+ + + : I’m always in for bands trying to bring something apart from established music standards. She’s Got Claws is one of them! Even if it’s hard to define the sound, it’s mainly based upon a very own approach in Electronic music. The extremely low vibrating bass lines are the album’s main characteristic. I especially recommend tracks such as “Lying In The Dust”, which is a heavy, dark piece and “Musik” which is a potential hit. I here like the robotic male backing vocals. “Musik” is also carried by a solid lead.

– – – : The very last part of the album can’t totally convince me, the best parts of the work being for sure right in the beginning while “Musik” stands for the album’s climax.

Conclusion: She’s Got Claws is a real hot discovery! If you like Electronics bands striving for some innovation I for sure can recommend “Doppelgänger”.

Best songs: “Musik”, “Lying In The Dust”, “Lithium”, “No Justice”.

Rate: (8).

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