The Midnight Computers – Anxious (Album – Swiss Dark Nights / Manic Depression Records)

By Nov 1,2020

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Genre/Influences: Cold-Wave, Dark-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: The Midnight Computers is a French trio featuring members from different musical horizons. “Anxious” is the band’s debut album featuring nine songs.

Content: From the very first song you immediately feel like getting back to the past and awakening somewhere in the 80s. This band is dealing with powerful Cold/Dark-Wave music carried by solid and mewing guitar playing. The songs have been accomplished with electronic melodies and arrangements. The songs remind me of an imaginary hybrid between The Sisters Of Mercy and Lebanon Hanover.

+ + + : The album only features 9 tracks, and there’s not much to throw away. This album is an extremely powerful exposure of a band mainly inspired by the darkest hours of Dark/Cold-Wave music, but with a unique touch on top. There’s a great balance between the masterly produced guitar parts and the electronics. It creates a fusion between power and melody with grave, charismatic vocals on top. There’re a few brilliant songs featured in this work, but I especially recommend “Disgrace” and “Succubus”.

– – – : There’s just one song (cf. “Murder Pain”), which can’t convince me and quite curiously this song also is the softest one from the album.

Conclusion: The Midnight Computers is a real hot discovery, which I can only, but highly recommend to discover!

Best songs: “Disgrace”, “Succubus”, “Tears”, “Our Most Beautiful Lies”.

Rate: (8½).

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