Seraphim System – Phoenix (Album – Digital World Audio)

By Sep 16,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, dark-techno.

Format: Digital, DCD.

Background/Info: Setup in 2013 by John Stancil aka ‘Bl4kj4k’, Seraphim System has released a considerable number of productions so far. “Phoenix” (spelled “Pho3n1x”) features the new album plus a bonus disc entitled “Mutant Mthrfkr” featuring the three digital EP’s released under the same title and numbered from one till three.

Content: Seraphim System likes to switch music genres and experiments with different influences. “Phoenix” brings us back to electro-industrial music and is maybe the most techno-driven work from the project. The songs are instrumental edits featuring a very few sampled-like vocals. This is hard-banging stuff, which has something hardcore like and yet still featuring dark-electro influences like some icy tunes and dark sequences. A few cuts are driven by broken beats, but globally speaking the hard techno-industrial kicks are bouncing like hell.

The 13 songs from the 3 “Mutant Mthrfkr ” EPs are moving in a similar way and yet there are some little differences. There’re more spoken samplings featured while globally speaking this music is more dark-techno orientated. It however remains an industrial production, like revealing a truly sonic osmosis between industrial- and techno music.

+ + + : Seraphim System strikes back with a bang; a truly sonic cataclysm! This is music to bring dancefloors on fire although this kind of production remains a true challenge… sometimes too techno-like for dark-electro and industrial die-hard freaks. I’ve always supported artists who don’t repeat themselves, but dare to innovate and walk at new paths. And that’s precisely what the Seraphim System is doing… although the “Mutant Mthrfkr”-EP’s clearly were an indication about the sound approach. I personally prefer the bonus disc for being more elaborated and diversified. There’re a few outstanding cuts featured like “No Escape”, “Monsters”, “Lightbringer”, “Burn It Down” and “Gods And Demons”. It’s such a great idea to get the “Mutant Mthrfkr”-EP’s assembled on one single disc!

I can’t say there’s a similar potential ‘hit’ featured at “Phoenix”, but songs like “Po1ym0rph”, “Runy05h17” and “0nur6” however will get you into dance!

– – – : Some of the “Phoenix”-songs are a bit too repetitive, but are sounding a bit too similar-like after a while. That’s a feeling I didn’t get at “Mutant Mthrfkr”.

Conclusion: Seraphim System has accomplished a murderous sonic raid, which has the power to get industrial- and hard/dark-techno heads into dance.

Best songs: “No Escape”, “Monsters”, “Lightbringer”, “Burn It Down”, “Gods And Demons” + “Po1ym0rph”, “Runy05h17”, “0nur6”.

Rate: (8).


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