Samuel Rohrer – Range Of Regularity (CD Album – Arjuna Music)

By Jun 24,2017

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electro-jazz, abstract.

Background/Info: Samuel Rohrer is an artist who doesn’t really ring a bell to me. This Swiss artist however is a recognized musician and producer mainly dealing with jazzy experiments. He already released an impressive number of productions, toured all over the world and got involved in multiple side-projects. I also discovered that Samuel Rohrer also is member of Ambiq (which I got the opportunity to discover 2 years ago now).

Content: Samuel Rohrer is a jazz drummer and that’s for sure an element, which is easy recognizable on this album. Rohrer is playing the drums, but with different electronics. It instantly creates a pure experimental- and even abstract style. I was not surprised to learn that the artist is known for his improvisation work.

Samuel Rohrer gets you imprisoned in a dense sonic web of repetitive loops and abstract electronics. Some passages are a bit soundtrack-wise while I also noticed a somewhat Latino-like inspired cut.

+ + + : Samuel Rohrer is an artist you’re either going to like or not. There’s no way in between and that’s an aspect I always have loved with musicians. There’s a strong avant-garde and even visionary-like element running through his work. He makes no compromises and only seems to exorcise his very own sonic demons, creating a very own sound universe.

– – – : The experimental side of this work is really hard to grasp. You really need several listening before possibly seizing the sound of this artist. I’ve to admit it’s not my cup of tea and got especially bored by the long-duration pieces.

Conclusion: Samuel Rohrer is an artist who’ll only please experienced listeners. You can call it jazz, but I think it’s mainly a real minimal-like sound experiment from an ‘alien’ producer. This might be the sound from the further generations!

Best songs: “Sunclue”.

Rate: (5).

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