The Austrasian Goat & Cober Ord – Et Ils Franchirent Le Seuil (CD Album + Vinyl 7” – Steelwork Maschine)

By Jun 25,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, industrial, experimental, drones, ritual.

Background/Info: “Et Ils Franchirent Le Seuil” is an album that resulted from the common efforts between The Austrasian Goat and Cober Ord. The last mentioned band is especially an interesting feature as the members have gained recognition with other projects like Stille Volk, Labreiche (recently signed to Cold Spring), Ihan and Habsyll. The work was recorded in special places like a prehistoric cavern while the band uses a mix of electronics and hand-crafted instruments.

Content: It’s not that easy to define the music style of this album, but it clearly reveals an impressive sound canvas. Some tracks are clearly moving into experimentalism while you also will recognize industrial treatments, freaky ambient passages, heavy drones and somewhat ritual, deep throated vocals. You feel a kind of nearby disaster accentuated by the permanent, freaky and obscure atmospheres, sometimes reinforced by screams.

+ + + : “Et Ils Franchirent Le Seuil” is hard to define although it also makes the strength and originality of this record. It sounds more like a fusion between different related genres resulting in a unique approach. I like the obscure, ambient sphere always like announcing a catastrophe. But I also enjoyed the heavy industrial elements and punching drones. The heavy throated vocals running through “Hades Hades Hades!” is another great passage. Both formations have used an interesting mix of instruments, which in the end are quite complementary with each other.

This release is strictly limited to 479 copies, but I really have to express my admiration for this kind of package featuring one CD plus one vinyl. This is so much more than streaming.

– – – : This sound is not exactly the most accessible format so you really have to enjoy the aforementioned dark music styles.

Conclusion: The Austrasian Goat & Cober Ord composes music to awake your most perverted fantasies, bringing you into an imaginary dark universe created by the simple power of music!

Best songs: “II Umb’aldva”, “Seuil”, “Et Ils Franchirent Le Seuil”.

Rate: (7).

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