Orange Sector – Alarm (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Feb 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Background/Info: The twelfth Orange Sector full length album has been introduced as the band’s most ‘political’ production history. The title “Alarm” is meant as a warning against racism, politics, destruction, hate and force. Notice by the way that René Nowotny (Ad:Key) became member of Orange Sector.

Content: The EP’s “Farben” (2016) and “Die Fahne” (2018) both were strong appetizers to introduce “Alarm”. It’s not only one of their most ‘engaged’ works to date, but also one of their heaviest productions. Orange Sector avoids any form of innovation, but moves on the familiar old-school way. This is EBM like they’ve made in their early years: hard and uncompromised, but now with more explicit lyrics -sung in German-, but also in English as well. A song like “Feuer” speaks for itself when paying attention to the lyrics.

+ + + : “Alarm” is an album that will set the EBM community on fire. It not only is pure retro-like, but it’s a merciless production. Driven by hard bass lines, straight forward rhythms, heavy vocals and some choruses you’ll easily keep in mind, Orange Sector is a real murderous EBM machine! Right in the beginning of the EBM history there were German bands such as Liaisons Dangereuses and DAF, but today there’s Orange Sector! Two -and now three guys having fun composing great music. “Alarm” stands for non-stop power leading you to dance!

– – – : The songs are pretty similar and became a bit predictable after a while. Fans will not complain discovering such a dancefloor ‘bomb’! The lyrics definitely reflect political- and social items, but are sometimes a bit rudimentary.

Conclusion: EBM is alive and kicking and Orange Sector is one of the genre’s best- and most representative ambassadors.

Best songs: “Die Fahne – Single Mix”, “Die Fahne – Album Version”, “Farben”, “I Spit On You”, “Feuer”, “The Face Of Violence”.

Rate: (8).


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