Roman Leykam – Ethereal (CD Album – Frank Mark Arts)

By May 3,2016

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract.

Roman LeykamBackground/Info: Roman Leykam is an artist who will for sure ring a bell for all of those experimental music lovers. This ‘experimentalist’ has already released several albums (featuring collaborations with other artists) on Frank Mark Arts and strikes back with a work which ‘tries to convey peace, serenity and the deceleration from the daily routine. The music offers the listener the opportunity to enter into silent communication with himself.’

Content: It all sounds like a meditation or a practice of mindfulness. The sonic universe of this work indeed explores imaginary spaces where the notes become stars… or is it just the contrary?

It’s an ambient creation made by electric guitar and guitar synths. It’s not only astral-like, but still vaguely psychedelic and even touching blues and country grounds. Next to the experimental guitar Roman Leykam also likes to manipulate with electronics. He creates weird, but captivating noises leading the listener to explore hidden visual territories.

+ + + : If you like pure experimentalism, this album really has a lot to offer. The work is quite diversified, but carried by a solid ‘space’-minded basis.

– – – : “Ethereal” is not the most accessible kind of release and a hard exercise if you want ‘to enter into silent communication’ by yourself.

Conclusion: Roman Leykam definitely is a significant artist in the experimental genre. This work covers many influences, which are all driven towards a relaxing, but abstract sonic trip.

Best songs: “Hint”, “Dedication”.

Rate: (6½).




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