Robert Scott Thompson – Phonotopological (CD Album – Acousmatique)

By Feb 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, soundscape.

Background/Info: Robert Scott Thompson is an American composer of mainly instrumental and electro-acoustique music. He also runs the label Aucourant Records. “Phonotopological” is a conceptual work ‘comprised of 13 large sections created from 125 complex sub-elements. Each one of these sub-elements, themselves created from a number of individual sound sources, is used only once in the work’.

Content: I’m not sure to have fully understood the idea behind the concept, but sound-wise it clearly appears to be an explicit experimental creation. The 13 tracks are somewhat dark, but also feature astral sound bleeps and wafting passages.

+ + + : The sound atmospheres are not only dark, but also pretty odd-like. I like the mystery supporting this work, and also some of sound treatments like crispy noises, tickling bleeps and other dark humming sound waves. This album is something particular revealing an artist with a very own approach.

– – – : The album sometimes gives me the impression listening to one single, endless track. There’s less diversity and the similarity between the cuts became a little less monotonous after a while.

Conclusion: The concept is maybe more important than the result; it doesn’t take away that this album reveals great sound treatments, but even the best sound treatments don’t always make a good song… This work makes me think to a truly labyrinth of sound rarities!

Best songs: “Clopen”, “Local Flatness”.

Rate: (6).

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