Rhesus Factor featuring Leæther Strip – Mann Der Arbeit (CD Album – Razgrom Music)

By Apr 10,2016

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

RHESUS FACTOR featuring Leaether StripBackground/Info: Rhesus Factor is a German solo-project set up by Stefan Rukavina. This artist was previously involved in Bleiburg. He decided to move from industrial and neo-folk fields towards EBM and aggrepo-inspired music when launching Rhesus Factor in 2006.

This band has released an impressive number of (digital) releases on Radio Body Music, but this CD featuring Claus Larsen on vocals will be for sure the consecration for this formation.

Content: “Mann Der Arbeit” smells like pure EBM. It all starts with a typical and somewhat old-styled front cover revealing the genre and influences. Sound-wise Rhesus Factor sounds like an experienced and talented EBM artist while the charismatic, enraged and powerful vocals of Claus Larsen add this little extra to the work.

The sound is based on stereo-typical standards, but accomplished with a refreshing and alluring input. It sounds hard and made by blasting sound treatments, solid body bass lines, fine and bleeping sequences, great and essential (and sometimes explicit) samplings and globally rough and somewhat unpolished production.

Most of the lyrics are hilarious, but efficient. It sometimes reminds me a bit to the funny “Techno Man”-hit of And One. This work sounds like an ode to EBM and will definitely appeal to lovers of the genre. The duo Rukavina – Larsen has found the right chemistry. Notice by the way that Alex Wobig (Frontal) contributed to one song as well and here again we get pure EBM-minded lyrics.

+ + + : Great and alluring EBM featuring a succession of noticeable songs. The composition is based on a familiar EBM formula, but accomplished with irresistible sound treatments and the rage of Claus Larsen.

– – – : Some lyrical passages are a bit too simplistic, but let’s take it as pure fun.

Conclusion: This album took me by surprise, but I have to admit that “Mann Der Arbeit” is a terrific and accomplished piece of good-old EBM.

Best songs: “Collateral Murder”, “I Am Everything”, “Scream Section – Version 2015”, “Body Music (Back In Mind) feat. Frontal”, “Commando 242”.

Rate: (8). / /


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