Electro Spectre – Beautiful Lies (CD Album – Razgrom Music)

By Apr 9,2016

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop.

Electro SpectreBackground/Info: The duo Isak Rypdal (producer) and Alexander Björneboe definitely belong to the most significant and successful electro-pop duos of the Norwegian scene. Despite of numerous productions released on Crab Key Records, the band never reached the ultimate top of the electro-pop scene, but remains an exciting band in their genre. “Beautiful Lies” is their 5th album to date. The CD format has been released as usual on Razgrom Music.

Content: “Beautiful Lies” is a styled and accomplished work featuring the most essential ingredients of cool synth-pop music. The songs reveal a constant merge between typical electro-pop tricks and arrangements on one side and a more eclectic approach on the other. They here explore dreamy passages, space-minded synth atmospheres and remixes with a clubby-format.

Electro Spectre aren’t adding anything new to their music style, but they have this maturity coming through in fine arrangements, cool little bleeps, alluring bass lines and elevating choruses. The vocals reflect passion and a noticeable charisma, which comes mainly through during the choruses.

The limited edition of this work features 6 extra songs consisting of club-friendly and groovy remixes plus 2 noticeable extra songs. “A Sonic Daydream” is a potential hit with a sweet Depeche Mode taste on top.

+ + + : “Beautiful Lies” is an album filled with beautiful songs. The limited edition reveals different potential dancefloor killers adding this extra danceable touch to the work.

– – – : I’m sometimes missing an extra melodic touch throughout the songs.

Conclusion: I always fully enjoy the work of Electro Spectre, but I remain convinced that they still have to accomplish their best work.

Best songs: “A Sonic Daydream”, “Never Let Go”, “Excerpts From Fallen”, “Never Let Go –  CK Original Mix”, “Never Let Go – Robopop Electronica”.

Rate: (7½). / /


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