Red This Ever – Attack! (CD Album – Nevitable Records/RTE)

By Feb 1,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, wave-pop.

Background/Info: Red This ever is an electro-pop driven formation hailing from Baltimore (USA). “Attack” is their sixth full length album to date.

Content: “Attack!” clearly sounds as traditional electro-pop music. It’s a clean and polished production driven by cool melody lines and some vintage elements. Red This Ever appears to be great melody makers and I can recommend several songs illustrating these essential skills in electro-pop music. It’s the kind of record reminding me of bands such as De/Vision, Iris and co.

+ + + : You rapidly can hear this band already gained experience and maturity. The songs are well-crafted and mainly carried by great melody lines. I especially recommend discovering the tracks “True Story” and “Ixnay”. Some of the songs have been empowered by guitar sounds (although I can’t find back any mention of guitar play…), creating a cool and somewhat ‘electro-wave’ touch.

– – – : “Attack!” is a rather ‘classical’ piece of electro-pop so there are no real surprises featured on this work. I’m mainly missing a hit although I heard multiple great tracks.

Conclusion: If you don’t know Red This Ever, this album is a nice discovery for electro-pop lovers.

Best songs: “True Story”, “Ixnay”, “Demagogues Of Fear”, “Breathe Underwater”.

Rate: (7½).

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