Red Mecca – Electricity (CD Album – Massproduktion)

By Jun 29,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Red Mecca – ElectricityBackground/Info: Jan Strandqvist & Frida Madeleine are Red Mecca. The Swedish duo caught my attention with their debut-album “You Were Never Here” (2013). This new opus is their 3rd full length to date featuring 10 songs.

Content: “Electricity” is an album that will take you a way into an electronic sound universe of reverie. It sounds a bit astral-like and made with delicacy. It feels like a caress and will give you a feeling of prosperity. The slow tempo and the sensual vocals of Frida Madeleine inject a sensual touch to the work.

A few cuts are merged with elements of trip-pop. The elegance and wafting sensation of the songs sometimes remind me of a mix between the great and less recognized debut album of Starseeds (cf. “Parallel Life”) and Client. The songs have been accomplished by beautiful sound treatments, and evasive atmospheres.

+ + + : “Electricity” is a beautiful and well-crafted album revealing multiple noticeable songs. The compositions are intelligent and achieved with subtle arrangements. This is not exactly an innovative album although a creative one and a pop format that sounds miles away from the familiar pop-standards. There’s a real artistic process inside this album.

– – – : I can imagine this is not exactly the most accessible ‘pop’ production and the main difficulty will be for sure to find a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Electrictiy” is made of chemistry, the kind of electronic composition, which feels like a platonic love… it’s filled with dreams, intense passages and a warm breeze of sensuality.

Best songs: “Skin”, “Hearts”, “Blood On The Streets”, “Ambition”.

Rate: (8½).

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