Red Market – Red Market (Cassette Album – Red Market)

By Oct 26,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro, industrial.

Background/Info: Behind Red Market is hiding Brandon Duncan who’s also involved with more familiar projects such as Nerve War, Sterilizer, The Sequence Of Prime and more recently NWvic. Red Market claims to be an electronic project dealing with lyrical themes such as Hollywood cults, rituals, elite blood transfusion, human trafficking ao. The album is available as a limited cassette release of 100 copies.

Content: This album is clearly driven by good-old dark-electro and EBM vibes. There also is a solid industrial flavor hanging over the production. Globally speaking this work reminds me of early 90s productions and especially Belgian grandmasters such as Vomito Negro and The Klinik. The harsh vocal parts are totally fitting to the sound although I noticed one song with robotic vocals. The work features 5 long-during pieces.

+ + + : I like this retro-electro approach where the dark atmospheres are making the essence of the work. The sound treatments are made of icy tones and cool sweeps accentuating the obscure approach of the work. The songs are rather elaborated. Globally speaking this work has something refreshing although it’s pure ‘old-school’.

– – – : There also is an experimental touch running through some songs, which is not my favorite aspect.

Conclusion: It’s quite funny to realize how a retro-inspired production might be original! Red Market is a new project with some potential so I really encourage this artist to move on. 

Best songs: “Learn The Signs”, “Humiliation Ritual”, “Weapon”.

Rate: (7½).



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