Final Fall – Capitalizm (Cassette Album – Low Noise Productions)

By Oct 26,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electronic, minimal-electronics.

Background/Info: I never heard of Final Fall before this cassette –album featuring five cuts. This is an American formation hailing from Southern California and this must be their second work. It also is important to mention the band stopped its activities after this release.

Content: “Capitalizm” is a varied work, which moves from minimal-electronics towards pure experimental passages. The tempo remains rather slow and all of the tracks are instrumentals. The most noticeable cut is “No Frills No Fun” taking the listener in its grip for 30 minutes. There’re multiple influences running through this song, but I especially noticed an electro-ritual passage mixed with the rhythm of a heartbeat.

+ + + : I like the minimal approach of this project, which is clearly based upon intelligent although experimental sound treatments. The diversity of the work creates a kind of ‘freestyle”. The already mentioned “No Frills No Fun” is a real attention grabber, but I prefer the last song “Last Chance To Ecstasy” revealing cool, icy arrangements.

– – – : I’m not in for the more experimental “Into Oblivion”. I think it could be interesting to see this project evolving a few vocal lines and/or spoken samplings.

Conclusion: Final Fall is a fascinating discovery revealing a sound with a unique and somewhat anarchistic approach. I’m really wondering how the next work will sound-like.

Best songs: “Last Chance To Ecstasy”, “No Frills No Fun”, “Filthy Prick”.

Rate: (7).





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