Psych Krist Kastrator – Nothing Subtle / About Psychotic Demon Karaoke (CD Album – EE Tapes)

By Oct 26,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, power-noise, experimental.

Background/Info: Psych Krist Kastrator was a Belgian project driven by Marc Ceulemans joined by several singers. The project was active in between 1992 and 1997. Several cassettes were released. This album is a kind of resurrection featuring songs that were originally written in between 1992 and 1997, but which have been reworked while several ‘new’ singers joined in.  “Nothing Subtle” has been released as a limited CD edition of 100 copies. The format is as an old-school A5-sized booklet with CD, which is quite familiar for EE Tapes lovers.

Content: Psych Krist Kastrator always has been a particular sound experience and this feeling remains unmoved. We’re entering an industrial music zone where old-school industrial music has been joined by power-noise parts. Sometimes pretty orchestral and later on animated by electronic bleeps reminding to video games, this band has a lot to offer. The vocals create an anguishing and sometimes death-industrial impact. On top of it all you’ll notice overwhelming, haunting atmospheres.

+ + + : I first of all like the package of this work. The booklet is an interesting tool to get more information about the songs and the lyrical content. Sound-wise this album is pretty diversified, definitely industrial- and experimental like, but still featuring a kind of ‘anti-music’ approach reminding me some pioneers from the industrial movement. This retro feeling sounds at its best at “A Burn As Specimen” and “Swamp Death” both evoking the spirit of Throbbing Gristle –although I know this is a very personal sensation.

– – – : I was not as convinced by the most experimental cuts, which also have something improvised. Psych Krist Kastrator remains an extreme experience.

Conclusion: This album is a kind of documentary, but still an opportunity to (re)discover a forgotten project from the Belgian industrial scene. Luckily EE Tapes remains an interesting record company to remind us of some forgotten treasures.

Best songs: “Coven Cry / Witchburn”, “A Burn As Specimen”,  “Swamp Death”.

Rate: (7).


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