Rapoon – Sol Laude / Mercury Rising 3 (CD Album – Winter-Light)

By Jun 20,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, experimental.

Background/Info: “Sol Laude” is the final chapter from the “Mercury Rising”-trilogy, which started in 2017 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rapoon. If Robin Storey has been constantly evoked and remembered as being a member of the legendary Zoviet France, it’s important to note that he has been active under the Rapoon moniker since 1992! After “Sanctus Equinox” (2017) and “Offworld OP1 Equs” (2018) we now get “Sol Laude” which is ‘thundering its way through the universe, leaving its impression trailing across the cosmos like a giant comet’s tail’.

Content: The album features 8 songs and multiple influences. From pure dark-ambient tracks towards pure experimental creations Robin Storey has no longer anything to prove. He had experienced with multiple styles and influences and this album sounds in the perfect continuation of his work.. Most of the tracks have been progressively built up, even going over the 20 minutes (cf. “A New Sun”). Electronic sound treatments have been mixed with buzzing sound waves and neo-classical winks revealing violin- and piano-like sounds.

+ + + : “Sol Laude” is a kind of imaginary sonic puzzle made of multiple little noises and pieces. You don’t always get the impression that all the tracks are fitting together, but in the end it just sounds like a new exposure of this great experimentalist. I have to admit that I was more impressed by the overwhelming sound production emerging from dark-ambient pieces –and I especially refer to the opening track “Attack Ships On Fire”. But I also have to mention “A Bell ..Far Reaching..” for this numerous little details. Storey likes to elaborate his work and I get the impression a song is never finished. Last, but not least, I also have to say a word about the artistic digipak format of this album.

– – – : The most experimental passages are less accessible, but here again it’s just part of the man’s work and global approach.

Conclusion: I’m always in for trilogies and “Sol Laude” is a perfect conclusion to honor the “Mercury Rising”.  

Best songs: “Attack Ships On Fire”, “This Great Expanse”, “A New Sun”, “A Bell ..Far Reaching..”.

Rate: (7½).

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