Raison D’Être – Prospectus I (Vinyl 2 Albums – Cyclic Law / Old Europa Cafe)

By May 4,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic, ritual.

Background/Info: Raison D’Être is a dark-ambient project, which is for a long time considered as one of the major projects in the genre. Set up by Peter Andersson, Raison D’Être gained recognition through the early productions released on Cold Meat Industry. “Prospectus I” was the first official album released on Cold Meat Industry (1993) and, which for its 20th anniversary in 2003 got a redux version on Old Europa Cafe featuring multiple bonus tracks. And now for the very first time the work has been released on vinyl by Cyclic Law. The original songs have also been remastered.

Content: The early sound featured at “Prospectus I” features all familiar elements that would make become Raison D’Être one of the absolute dark-ambient phenomenon in history. It’s not only a dark-ambient experience, but still a ritual-one empowered by the numerous Gregorian chants, choirs passages, speeches, bells ao. Industrial sound treatments, field recordings and epic arrangements are easily recognizable and were the basis of the later successful releases.

+ + + : Raison D’Être revealed on this debut album on Cold Meat Industry why Peter Andersson has been considered as a visionary artist in his genre. He created very proper sound DNA mixing dark-ambient, cinematic and ritual elements together. The result is cold and frightening and even featuring disturbing passages. The compositions are elaborated while the four bonus cuts make this vinyl format even more interesting.

– – – : The vinyl format definitely is the single good reason to purchase this record. We already know the “Prospectus I”-album while the bonus cuts also appeared on the 2013-edit on Old Europa Cafe.

Conclusion: The destiny of all great artists and influential albums is that they’re re-released at regular basis. This vinyl format is available in two different editions, but both are strictly limited so this is stuff for collectors.

Best songs: “Ordeal In Chapel” , “Cenotaphium”, “Chalixtins”.

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