Raison D’Être – Enthraled By The Wind Of Loneliness (Vinyl 2 Albums – Cyclic Law / Old Europa Cafe)

By May 4,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic, ritual.

Background/Info: After the vinyl (re)release of Raison D’Être’s debut album on Cold Meat Industry “Prospectus I”, Cyclic Law now releases the second one, “Enthraled By The Wind Of Loneliness” for the very first time on vinyl as well. And just as its predecessor it got also re-released in 2013 by Old Europa Cafe. The songs have been again remastered by Peter Andersson while we also get 4 bonus cuts.

Content: This work moves on there where “Prospectus I” stopped. The dark-ambient, industrial, experimental and dark-cinematic influences have been picked up again while the composition is more elaborated. It still sounds icy and freaky-like while the ritual passages appeal for the darkest thoughts of our imagination.

+ + + : And here again you can realize why Peter Andersson is considered as a genius in the dark-ambient music genre. His compositions have a very strong visual appeal and the images you might figure have something tormenting. The ritual side of the work accentuated by sacred elements like bells and choirs are leading the listener towards stupor, but that’s precisely the experience we want to live while listening to this music. The atmosphere created by Raison D’Être is mysterious, but still hostile. 

– – – : If you consider this album has been originally released in 1994 and still has a great impact more than 20 years later, you probably will have to agree it’s a masterpiece. The only thing I can say is that it not my favorite Raison D’Être in history, but there are still more albums that have to be released on vinyl format…

Conclusion: The sound of Raison D’Être is comparable to a spider patiently spinning its web to catch innocent victims.

Best songs: “The Narrow Gate”, “Spiraal”, “Sophrosyne”.

Rate: (8).

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