Purwien & Kowa – Drei (Digital 3-EP – Zwei Records)

By Oct 24,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: German duo Christian Purwien and Thomas Kowa(lzik) are back on track unleashing 3 new EP’s entitled “Drei – 80s”, “Drei Disko” and “Drei Vegas”. Christian Purwien gained some fame as the singer of Second Decay while Thomas Kowalzik will be always linked to No Comment and since a couple of years to Nine Seconds.

Content: Let’s start with “Drei 80s”, which is meant as an ode to the 80s, as it was written during the glorious and early days of electronic music. The songs indeed sound pretty 80s-minded, but quite electro-pop as well.

“Drei Disko” reveals 6 more songs, which indeed now and then have been accomplished with some good-old disco tricks. But here again the electro-pop sound rules while the unique timbre of voice from Christian Purwien clearly reminds me of Second Decay.

Last, but not least “Drei Vegas” is the most exotic part featuring 6 other cuts. From dubby-pop to pure exotic and even Brazilian influences to end with a cover version of Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas”, this is for sure the funniest part of “Drei”.

+ + + : The 3 EP’s are pretty different from each other and yet you’ll easily recognize the great vocals of Purwien. But I also have to mention the accomplished music production by Kowa, which especially on the three first tracks from “Drei Disko” reveals his great composition skills. All the songs have been masterly written and even the funniest “Vegas”-part makes sense. The duo here explores new influences, which I like for some of the lounge-like passages.

– – – : The concept is pretty funny and original, but I can’t say all the songs have fully convinced me. I especially expected a bit more from the “80s”-EP while the “Vagas”-part sounds as pure fun;

Conclusion: Purwien & Kowa features 2 talented and old servants from the electro-pop scene, which clearly like to work together and probably have a lot of fun. I’m however convinced this duo can do much better!

Best songs: “Observer”, “Es Ist Wie Es Ist”, “Sleepless In Vegas”, “Viva Las Vegas”, “Komm Zu Dir”.

Rate: (6½).

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