Prong – X- No Absolutes (CD Album – Steamhammer/SPV)

By Feb 10,2016

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Genre/Influences: Metal.

ProngBackground/Info: “X-No Absolutes” is again produced by Tommy Victor himself, with Chris Collier as a co-producer, who also collaborated on the “Songs From The Black Hole” all-covers album.

Content: Expectations were high after “Carved Into Stone” and “Ruining Lives”. Both were full of the raw Prong energy the fans have come to know and love.
On this album between them Tommy and Chris polished Prong to shine brightly; at the same time making it loose some of its idiosyncrasy. You could also call it “broadening Prong’s sonic horizon” of course.
“Do Nothing” is the culmination of the polishing. Let’s hope it’s the closest Prong will ever get to a ballad.

+ + +: The musical, technical, mixing and mastering prowess on this album is overabundant. This is one well-made metal/hard rock album.

– – -: The album builds on clean vocal melodies more than the signature Tommy Victor riffs and licks, making it more mainstream hard rock sounding.

Conclusion: This rather short (45 minutes) album can gain Prong fans from a younger more mainstream audience. Long-time fans might feel the album to be rather soulless; missing the grit; the rawness; the sharp edges.

Best songs: “Without Words”, “Soul Sickness”.

Rate: (SR:6)SR.

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