Kaos! – Moments Of Perfection (CD EP – Shortlist Records)

By Feb 7,2016

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop.

Kaos!Background/Info: Kaos! is a Swedish formation set up by Eva Kaxe
and Kristian Oscarsson. They got inspired by 80s synth-pop formations and have released an album and 2 singles before this new work.

Content: “Moments Of Perfection” features 5 songs, which clearly deal with good-old synth-pop influences. It’s not exactly what I would call a total 80s copy instead of an enjoyable sound that features a retro synth-pop vibe. The composition is pretty simple, but efficient. You now and then will notice a touch of melancholia hanging over the songs.

Eva sings in English, but there also is one song where she experiments with the German language. The sweet timbre of voice perfectly matches with the electro-pop sound.

↑↑↑: Kaos! sounds like a sonic bridge between pure 80s electronics and a more refreshing and contemporary style. They don’t simply emulate their favorite bands, but are just finding their inspiration in it to compose their own work.

↓↓↓ : I’m missing a catchy and more explicit melodic element in the songs while a bit more passion in the global production would have been suitable.

Conclusion: I got the impression that there’s more potential hiding in Kaos! than what they’ve shown on this EP. It sounds sweet and enjoyable, but without a real highlight.

Best songs: “What Have I Done”, “Downfall”.

Rate: (DP:6)

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