Projekt203 – Demolačná Čata (Album – Projekt203)

By Jun 5,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Dark-Pop.

Format: Digital, USB.

Background/Info: Slovakian duo Ondrej Pešek – Sissi Enns are back on track. The newest opus was released by the end of 2020 featuring thirteen songs. 

Content: The album takes off with a rather mystic intro evolving into a harsher Industrial approach with male and female vocals on top. The main singer however remains Sissi Enns, which doesn’t exactly have a graceful timbre of voice. But that perfectly fits with the somewhat rough and darker approach in sound. The lyrics are sung in Slovakian, which injects a kind of ‘Balkan-Pop’ touch to the work. 

+ + + : I prefer the songs on, which Sissi Enns sings solo. She definitely injects something extra to the songs while there’s a noticeable match between singer and music. This is Electro-Pop with a rough and unpolished approach, which makes this album different from the average Electro-Pop productions. I also noticed songs with carrying choruses, creating a kind of contract between a rough sound production and a chorus that you’ll keep in mind. Last, but not least I also have to say a word about the great artistic artwork.

– – – : Singing in your Mother tongue is often a challenge when it’s not an international language like English. It creates a ‘local’ Pop-style, which will have some difficulties to conquer a wider audience. 

Conclusion: The least I can say is that Projekt203 has seriously evolved and improved most aspects of the production and especially compared to their debut work.

Best songs: “Buď Môj Strach”, “Karavána”.

Rate: (7).

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