V/A Wave Earplug No.4 (Album – 4mg Records)

By Aug 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, minimal-electronics, experimental, wave-pop.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: The “Wave Earplug”-compilation series is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favorites. Set up by the Slovakian label 4mg Records, this compilation also brings an important amount of unknown artists dealing with minimal-electronic music. Label owner Imi Vegh (still involved with the great Imiafan project) has selected ten new artists from different horizons for this new volume.

Artists: ManasyT & Beta Evers, Stonewall Cops, Arsenic Of Jabir, End Off … Exist Not, Abstract Deity, I Tpama I Tvrame, Projket203, Little Green Bag, Makina Girgir, Angaudlinn.

Content: The global spirit and sound of this new edit is not that different from previous releases. Bands from all over the globe (Bulgaria/Germany, Sweden, Colombia, Belgium/Canada, France, Hungary, Albania/Kosovo and Slovakia) have been selected. From EBM to minimal electronics and from pure electro-experimental to rough-pop, the minimalism of all the bands remains the main characteristic of the compilation. I already had the opportunity to discover formations such as Makina Girgir (France), Projekt203 (Slovakia) and I Tpama I Tvrame (Albania/Kosovo), but I can’t remember to have ever heard the other ones.

+ + + : I think there are two types of compilations; the ones featuring big names and/or hit songs, which are eventually remixed to get a ‘new’ version and the educative ones! “Wave Earplug”  is pure education! It always features artists we’ve never heard of before and hailing from places we sometimes don’t link with this kind of music. But the compilation also gives us an opportunity to discover hidden treasures; talented bands with true potential. I discovered ManasyT (Bulgaria) & Beta Evers (Germany) revealing a cool EBM song mixed with sensual female vocals. Another essential cut is the minimal-electro song by Stonewall Cops (Canada). In a different minimal approach I also recommend the already mentioned I Tpama I Tvrame (Albania/Kosovo) and the French minimalism from Makina Girgir. My favorite from this series is probably the very own electro-pop approach of Little Green Bag (Hungary).

– – – : It’s all about personal taste and favorites, but this new edition of this great compilation is not my favorite one. It however remains an interesting album I can only, but fully recommend!

Conclusion: Lovers of minimal-electro music and vintage sound treatments must purchase this original compilation series!

Best bands: Little Green Bag, ManasyT & Beta Evers, Stonewall Cops, I Tpama I Tvrame.

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